Equipping Managers with Coaching Skills (Creating a Coaching Culture)


Equipping Managers with Coaching Skills (Creating a Coaching Culture)

Equipping Managers with Coaching Skills 

Course Duration: 2 Days


This workshop is designed to be highly interactive with a mix of theory and practical session. Participants will emerge from the workshop having the knowledge and skills to become much more effective coaches and mentors. Also, they will know how to use the tools and techniques to drive staffs' motivators, ownership and productivity and effectiveness in their workplaces.

Course Objectives

Upon completion of this program, participants will be able to:

  • Understand and apply the principles of coaching and mentoring
  • Develop and practice key coaching and mentoring skills
  • Be able to create a nurturing and productive environment
  • Build positive relationships through coaching that support and empower individuals
  • Understanding productive questioning skills
  • Set up coaching and mentoring programs and plans
  • Conduct coaching sessions using well recognized coaching approaches and models
  • Enhance your organizations effectiveness in focusing development of its key resource
  • Enable internal coaching through change

Key Content

Module 1: Checking In With Reality

  • Understand how our brain perceive one another
  • Perception in coaching and mentoring
  • The reality of the world
  • Why it's important for coaches and mentors to manage their perceptions

Module 2: ABCs of Coaching and Mentoring

  • Introduction to coaching and mentoring
  • International coaching federation coaching competencies
  • Ethical issues and contracting
  • Advance listning skills
  • Powerful questioning skills

Module 3: EDGE Coaching & Mentoring (Engagement)

  • Introduction to EDGE coaching model
  • Utilizing NLP techniques to build lasting rapport
  • Build solid trust at the start

Module 4: EDGE Coaching & Mentoring (Desire)

  • Define, design and develop a coaching and mentoring strategy
  • Dig deeper for their underlying desire to achieve their goals
  • Actual case study for coaching and mentoring
  • Live coaching supervision and practice

Module 5: EDGE Coaching & Mentoring (Goals)

  • Align coaching and mentoring goals with the organizational goals
  • Techniques in overcoming barriers
  • Increase questions efficiency

Module 6: EDGE Coaching & Mentoring (Empowerment)

  • Coaching and mentee management
  • Gamification at work
  • Follow up and feedback
  • Live coaching supervision and practice

Module 7: Coaching Activity - Practice - Feedback - Action Plan

  • Peer coaching
  • Live feedback session
  • Coaching agenda for managers
  • Action plan 
  • Commitment and timeline for execution

 Inquiry - Equipping Managers with Coaching Skills (Creating a Coaching Culture)