Dynamic Presentations: Present Like Steve Jobs

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Dynamic Presentations: Present Like Steve Jobs Presentation Skills Soft Skills

Dynamic Presentations: Present Like Steve Jobs

Course Duration: 2 Days


Regarded by many as one of the best presenters who ever lived, Steve Jobs was a master of the stage. His keynote addresses energized audiences and were so effective. This training is differnt from any other presentation skills training not only because of Steve Jobs element but because it address the number one issue for all presenters. By combining the analysis of Jobs' many presentation, this training will make your next presentation insanely great,

Course Objectives

Upon completion of this program, participants will be able to:

  • Manage speaking anxiety to create captivating presentation
  • Control body language to look confident and approachable
  • Understand practical tips in slides
  • Uncover different slides creation method
  • Manage your nerves when presenting in public
  • Connect with your audience and make an impact on them
  • Know how to use stories to build trust in you and to connect positively with your staff and clients
  • Understand barriers to communications and how to overcome them

Key Content

Module 1: Mindset

  • Perceptions towards presentation
  • Halo effect

Module 2: Managing Anxiety

  • Measuring your public speaking anxiety on a scientifically valid measures
  • Understand how spontaneous speaking cause anxieties
  • Using the latest theater tips in managing anxiety

Module 3: Psychology of First Impression

  • The latest research on first impression
  • Creating a great first impression
  • Master stage presence with the right body language

Module 4: Slideology

  • 11 tips for beautiful presentations
  • 5 practical strategy to fabulous slides
  • Microsoft PowerPoint and its substitutes

Module 5: Storytelling Skills

  • The 5 key element of a riveting story
  • Understanding story architecture to tell more effective stories
  • Creating your very own story

Module 6: Steve Job Power of 3

  • Plan in analog
  • Answering the 1 question that matter most
  • Develop a messianic sense of purpose

Module 7: Steve's Tips and Tricks

  • Twitter like headlines
  • Dresing up numbers
  • Share the stage
  • Obey the 10 minute rule

Module 8: Stay Hungry, Stay Foolish

  • Prepare and present
  • Pointers and coaching throughout the preparation stage
  • Live feedback and instant improvement for every participant

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