Effective Communication Skills for Executives


Effective Communication Skills for Executives

Effective Communication Skills For Executives

Course Duration: 2 Days


This program is designed to expose participant to better communication between individual, team, department and organization. In this 2 days, the participants will be challenged to move to the next level in communication.

Course Objectives

Upon completion of this program, the participants should:

  • Understand the communication model and how we need to use it
  • Learn tools and methods to deliver great moments of truth
  • Plan and prepare for communication success
  • Develop an action plan for their growth and development in communications

Key Content

Module 1: Communication Overview

  • Introduction to the communication model
  • The channels of communication
  • The profiling tool - DISC in communication

Module 2: The Art of Listening

  • The  types of listening
  • Elements of EQ & NLP in listening
  • Working with people's learning style in learning - VAKAD

Module 3: The Art of Language

  • Meta programs in language
  • The words we use - green/ yellow/ red
  • The understanding and the ability to read language and respond

Module 4: How to Ask the Right Questions

  • The skills of questioning
  • Getting information we need from questioning
  • Avoiding the 'abuthen' moments

Module 5: Non-Verbal Communication

  • Effective body language skills
  • Facial expressions
  • Gesturing and motor skills

Module 6: First Impression & Perception Management

  • Creating the being in first contact
  • Perception management skills
  • Reading people and managing them well

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