First Line Managers As Staff Developers


First Line Managers As Staff Developers

First Line Managers As Staff Developers

Course Duration: 2 Days


This training is designed to help you develop your people by helping them to improve job competencies and to resolve personal problems. It covers how you can coach others about performance and counsel them about personal problems.

Course Objectives

Upon completion of this program, participant should be able to:
  • Equip with behavioral skills and problem solving process to solve tough people problems
  • Be in zen mode when leading a counselling session
  • Being effective and engaging coach to assist employees to improve
  • Asking the appropriate questions to determine the source of problem
  • Having the mindset to engage in helping relationship with employee
  • Giving effective feedback to employees
  • Administer progress corrective action steps

Key Content

Module 1: You as a Staff Developer

  • Self assessment exercise
  • Behavioral skills that help others to improve on performance
  • Determine the source of problem
  • Demonstrate positive regard

Module 2: Conducting Effective Helping Sessions

  • Preparation - prior to the helping session
  • Actions and behavior during the session
  • After the session - follow up

Module 3: You as a Coach

  • 3 coaching application skills
  • What is proactive coaching?
  • What is reactive coaching
  • Communicate to get to the 'bottom of things'
  • 2 coaching communication models
  • Types of coaching questions

Module 4: You as a Counsellor

  • How to build to obtain better performance?
  • How to keep discussion on track?
  • 6 step counselling path to perfecting performance
  • Giving effective feedback
  • Difficult counselling situations

Module 5: Administer Constructive Progressive Discipline

  • Purpose and objectives of employee discipline
  • Documentation and when HR is advised
  • 16 common misconduct offenses committed in the workplace
  • 5 step of progressive discipline

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