We acknowledge the importance of survival skills in this fast paced, dangerous world that we are living in. We insured our home, car and our properties. A valuable insurance that we often ignored or overlooked. It seems not only for our personal safety but that of our family and love ones as well.
Awarenessand surveillance, are the most important thing in self defense without it life is like walking in an empty shell. If we can harmonize and understand the environment, terrain and surroundings we can ensure a safer world to survive in.


Upon completion of this program, participants will be able to:
  • defend themselves against perpetrators
  • empowered with skills and ability to identify a threat
  • aware of the surroundings
  • handle the situation calmly when under stress
  • escape creatively without escalating violence.
In addition, participants will be able to have a clear mindset in their daily life as in a different environment such as when working alone, shopping, in a car park, while driving and be mentally prepared before any threat happens.

Level 1 - Crime Awareness & Self Defense

Level 2 - Sexual Harassment (Technical Drill)

Level 3 - Car Park Safety

Level 4 - Public Transport Safety

Level 5 - Home Safety

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