Team Building

One of our signature program is our team building solutions. We adopted the new school of team building. We don’t run the activities of helium stick or spider web anymore! That is old school.

Some types of teambuilding activities we run Magic of Teamwork, Amazing Race Challenge, Running Man Mania, Enerz Extreme Park, Journey Challenge, Adventure Teambuilding, Iconic Treasure Hunt, Backwoods' Man Cooking and Rhythmic Teambuilding.

We work with our clients on customizing the team building event according to their objectives. Our team building program ranges from 1 day to 3 days activities.

Reasons for Teambuilding
Networking, socializing, get to know each other better Celebration, team spirit, have FUN!
Competition & bragging rights Collaboration & communication fosters innovation and creativity
Enhance teamwork, boost team performance


Obstacle Course

Sea Rafting

Flying Fox


Night Jungle Walk

Ipoh Explore Race

Penang Explore Race

Kuala Lumpur Rapid Race

Melaka Race

Langkawi Explore Race

Journey To The West

At the start of the challenge, it’s important to get the commitment from the participants. Participants will be deciding the program outcomes at the start of the program. The participants will also commit in terms of money towards the journey challenge.

They will surrender their wallet and only travel with their identity card. Teams will need to travel on local and public transportation during the challenge.  The initial challenge for the team to design a SMILE poster for the journey. They are required take certain number of photos with colleagues and public.

SEED challenge creates an opportunity for team to grow their money that they received to purchase something to be sold during the challengeThe Journey will continue to challenge the team to maximize their opportunity to win the challengeThe team that end up with the most money will become the winner.

Learning Outcome:
  • Creativity
  • Strategize Skills
  • Team Leadership Skills
  • Problem-Solving Skills
  • Decision-Making Skills


Journey to Ipoh

Journey to Melaka

Journey to Port Dickson

Journey to Refreshing Springs Resort

Pizza Miracle


Market Wizards Magic

The Sales Champions Amazing Race

Build The Tower of Friendship

The Invisible Chair Challenge

The Management Game

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