About Us


Iconic Training Solutions Sdn. Bhd. was incorporated in January 2017 to develop every human capital to be a remarkable icon.

We run technical and non-technical training courses mainly for the companies in Malaysia where our main focus is to ensure our participants achieve their learning objectives and are competent to handle tasks in their workplace.

Our participants are also known to benefit from the trainers who are highly sought after and has relevant experience in the industry. With our tagline of ''GOING BEYOND'', our approach made us well known for providing services beyond our clients' expectations.

''Learning never exhausts the mind'' - Leonardo Da Vinci.


Our vision is to help our clients to meet their human capital development goals.


Our mission is to provide high-quality training courses for our clients so that they can meet the objectives of upskilling their employees. To achieve that, we work closely with the requestor or project owner to determine and customize the best, yet relevant training course you can get for your company.

3 Main Reasons To Work With Us

To engage our participants to the fullest, we provide hands-on activities such as board game learning, gamification and web-based learning. Our tools will create a safe, yet interesting space for acquiring new skills.

We understand what you want what's best for your company, let alone your colleagues. Our training is never fixed to any learning modules so that you can easily customize the perfect training. We commit to your needs and produce the desired results you want to obtain.

ITS promotes fun culture in the workplace as we believe fun is the new way of working to ensure we enjoy our passion. We are always committed and would go the extra mile to ensure you achieve what you aim for.

We walk the extra miles to deliver what we promise!