Microsoft Office Application Training

Microsoft Office is a common business tool that everyone uses at home or in the office to become more efficient. It is widely used to create business documents, meaning reports and wonderful presentation slides. Being well trained in Microsoft Office will put you a step ahead of being more efficient compared to your colleagues.

We offer a variety of Microsoft Office application from foundation to custom designed programs. ​Each application has a different purpose as it is designed to serve for all home-users and business users.

Foundation, Intermediate & Advanced Levels for

  • Microsoft Excel, Word & PowerPoint
  • Impactful PowerPoint Presentation with PowerPoint
  • Impressive Excel Dashboard for Data Analysis
  • Mastering Charts & Graphs in Excel
  • Mastering Pivot Table with Excel
  • Miracles of Excel Formulas & Functions
  • Managing Data with Access & Excel
  • Business Intelligence using Excel
  • Advance Data Management and Analysis

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