Conflict Management & Resolution in The Workplace

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Conflict Management & Resolution in The Workplace Communication Skills Soft Skills

Duration: 2 Days

Conflict is a defensive mechanism of human behavior at work; it displays itself under different situations and circumstances in every work environment. As such, conflict resolution is becoming a critical area of concern in every supervisory and managerial development. Conflict is inevitable. It leads to anger, grudges, hurt and blame. In fact most conflicts can be resolved easily with less tension, anxiety and fear than you ever thought possible. Most importantly it can be done in a way that actually benefits all concerned.

When conflicts are not managed effectively, it may turn out to be cancerous to team morale and work relationship in the company. A proper Management Process Control (PMC) is needed for Managers and Supervisors to be effective in counseling and conflict resolution that may threaten any work environment. Managers and Supervisors need proper counseling techniques and conflict management methodologies as a crictical part of their managerial development training.

This intensive, hands-on, activity driven program teaches skills that focus on dealing with difficult conversations from colleagues and customers alike. By providing you with a rigorous training environment, your active participation in our program will enable you to apply and sustain your learning to a point of forming winning habits. You will have the ability to create the greatest positive impact at every given opportunity when facing difficult or challenging conversations every time.


  • Handle conflicts in a responsible manner
  • Improve inter-personal relationship with people
  • Maintain a positive work environment
  • Solve problems amicably
  • Understand and employ the communication process effectively
Key Content

Module 1: Overview
  • Context setting
  • Definition of conflict
  • Our worldview
  • Barriers to communication
  • Reframing tools
Module 2: Interpersonal Communication
  • Building credibility
  • The 4 Quadrant Communication Model
  • Identifying your personal style of communicating
  • Developing your style towards effective conflict management
  • Shifting into positive action
Module 3: Being Effective In Communication
  • Applying learning in the workplace and relationships
  • What others say and do and what is important to them
  • What we do more of when managing conflict with different people
  • What we avoid doing when managing conflict with different people
  • World cafe: Revealing our blind spots
Module 4: Overcoming Challenging Situations
  • Bad News Bears
  • Gossip Mongers
  • Drama Kings and Queens
  • Chicken Littles
  • The Victims
  • Bullies and Back-stabbers
Module 5: The Roots Of Conflict
  • Facts
  • Methods
  • Goals
  • Values
  • The 3 common scenarios of workplace conflict
Module 6: Conflict Resolution
  • Escalating conflicts levels
  • Conflict resolution model
  • People, issue and actions
  • Conflict resolution approaches
  • The 4 Flags
Module 7: Conflict Resolution Styles
  • The Red Flag
  • The White Flag
  • The Yellow Flag
  • The Blue Flag
  • Situational conflict resolution
Module 8: Coaching Wisdom
  • Steps to resolve conflict: Associate to supervisor
  • Steps to resolve conflict: Associate to associate
  • Steps to resolve conflict: Third party conflict
  • Coaching to resolve conflict
  • Facilitation questions

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